The Red Bull Gaming Sphere will once again host the World-Warcraft’s raid Race to World First.

Like Red Bull, Method, also a sup partner, recently announced its separate race plans.

The flow will include 24-hour coverage on the official Twitch channel and will see the participation of 17 players in the London office, the Red Bull stream will host numerous guilds around the world including Exorsus, Averion, Alpha, FatSharkYes, ScrubBustyers, Ji Tian Hong , Honestly and AFK- R.

The list of partners involved in the broadcast includes AOC as official monitor, ASUS Republic of Gamers as official PC, Secretlab as official gaming chair and HyperX as official peripheral partner.

The broadcast will start on July 16th and will last until the first guild manages to defeat the final boss of the raid.

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