Team Liquid and Marvel Entertainment announced a strategic partnership to sell joint-brand merchandising

This is the first partnership of Disney-owned Marvel Entertainment with an exporting team. The initial launch of the merchandise includes the Team Liquid jerseys based on the comic book heroes of Marvel Captain America and Iron Man, as well as one inspired by the Quantum Realm of the movie Avengers: Endgame. The line also includes a co-branded T-shirt with Team Liquid x Marvel logo.

The team of the Liquid League-Legends Team (LCS) debuted these days with the Captain America-themed shirts during the first days of Rift Rivals, a competition that contrasts the LCS teams with those of the European League League (LEC).

According to a representative of Team Liquid, the launch of the products is the first of several initiatives planned by the two companies, with additional exclusive products to complement crossover content.

The items are available for purchase on the Team Liquid website, with the possibility of including custom names on the back of the shirts.

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