Australian esports platform Mogul has entered a strategic partnership with Southeast Asian event organiser Mineski Global.

The partnership will span for five years and see Mogul become the primary esports tournament platform for Mineski’s city-based tournament league in Southeast Asia.

As part of the partnership, Mineski will launch its own branded hub and explore the potential to roll out Mogul’s platform throughout Mineski-owned cybercafes in Southeast Asia.

Ronald Robins, CEO of Mineski Global commented on the alliance in a release: “We’re very excited to enter this strategic partnership with Mogul where we will now launch a Branded Hub, offer online tournaments and events across the Southeast Asian region, as well as roll out Mogul’s platform at our gaming cafes. Mogul offers Mineski an exciting way to engage with our existing fans and audience, as well as develop new ways of increasing that audience on a global scale – particularly with novel initiatives such as group subscriptions enabled by Mogul’s platform.”

The two parties will also collaborate on the development of new additional revenue streams, including subscription packages that will be marketed to cybercafes and other Southeast Asian organisations that are looking to engage in promotions through esports.

Gernot Abl, Managing Director of Mogul added: “Partnering with Mineski brings Mogul to the largest esports organisation in Southeast Asia, covering live and online events, online tournament series, cybercafes, as well as marketing and promotions programmes in the region. Mogul and Mineski will work closely over the coming months in advance of the launch of Mineski’s Branded Hub and commencement of our joint marketing activities.”

Mogul will keep half of all tournament, event, and sponsorship revenue that is generated from the partnership.


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