Konami has announced an exclusive and long-term partnership with AS Roma, an Italian football club militant in Serie A.

Konami Digital Entertainment, has formalized its new partnership with the Italian football team AS Roma.

According to what has been learned from our eSports Activity website, the name, the emblem and the official kits of AS Roma will be an absolute exclusive of the eFootball PES series, making PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE – available from 15 September – the only football video game for consoles to include the Giallorossi club.

The Olympic Stadium will also be included in PES 2021, faithfully recreated by KONAMI designers.

Authenticity is a cornerstone of the series and that is why the gaming house is constantly striving to offer an experience that will make Giallorossi fans proud.

KONAMI and AS Roma intend to make the most of this new exclusive collaboration, making the Giallorossi club known to a global audience through a series of initiatives, including future involvement in the export sector.

Further details of the partnership will be made official in the coming weeks.


Konami Corporation (コ ナ ミ 株式会社 Konami Kabushiki-gaisha?) È una delle più popolari case di progettazione e sviluppo di videogiochi, founded in 1969.

The name “Konami” is the initial format of the name Kagemasa Kozuki, Yoshinobu Nakama, Hiro Matsuda and Shokichi Ishihara, and quali sono and partner entered in the company of Kozuki in 1973.

Fra i titoli più famousi di questa software house vi sono:

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