Find out Everything You Wanted to Know About eSports Betting but Never Dared to Ask!

Have you ever heard about eSports betting?

This new form of gambling has experienced an explosion in popularity in recent years. Experts say that 2020 will bring some changes, and we are here to see how and why!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this year very different from anything that we’ve known before.
The measures imposed by governments and fear of infection changed the way we perceive and live our lives.

A lot of aspects of our daily routine, such as work and school, have been moved onto a virtual plain, while sports events, for example, have been canceled. Since the sports industry is going through challenging times, betting is affected as well.

It goes without saying that if there are no matches to bet on, people switch to something else, like online casino games,, to try their luck and find some

But what is happening with eSports betting?

What Is eSports?

We all love and play some video games, right? Well, eSports implies professional sports competitions!
This means that people who are engaged in it play in an organized way to compete.

When it comes to eSports, they train to perfect their skills and develop strategies and tactics to win because this brings them fame and big cash.

Before the pandemic, it was a thriving industry, generating billions of dollars in revenues and attracting massive audiences.

Now, some would think that nothing since the beginning of
the pandemic, but this isn’t entirely true. Although it is much easier to organize, and some events have already found a new way to go on, the eSports world has also been affected by this pandemic.

For example, the Pokemon World Championship, which was supposed to be held in August in London, has been canceled. It is more than clear this affects offline revenue. Tickets, merchandise, and other things
aren’t being sold, and the organizers say they are noticing significant reductions. Thus, many are wondering how does it impact eSports betting?

What Is eSports Betting?

eSports betting has become a big thing in recent years. Despite experiencing a slow start nowadays, it is an exploding market that will be worth around $30 billion at the end of 2020, according to some estimates.

When you are trying to have eSports betting explained, it is important to say that, in its essence, it is similar to betting on conventional sports. It is not as developed, though, but the operators are working to solve the problems and perfect the eSports betting algorithm and technology.

The difference in how eSports betting works compared to traditional gambling is that the players can choose which type of currency they can use – cash or virtual items called skins. The most popular eSports betting games are fantasy and jackpot. If you want to have more information, consider there are lots of good eSports betting articles.

How Does Pandemic Affect eSports Betting?

As we mentioned, nearly all traditional sports events have been canceled, and betting on matches became virtually impossible. This is not the case with eSports.

Although some tournaments have been postponed, the majority of them have switched to online platforms. Because of that, many gambling fans have turned to eSports, which caused a boost in eSports betting. eSports can be organized online, so there is no risk that the infection will spread. One more thing that makes betting much easier is that people don’t have to go to a physical place to gamble, but they can also do it online through the eSports betting app.

These are the reasons why many people look for eSports betting advice and resort to online gambling — no wonder these sites see a significant rise in revenue.

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