Fuze.tv, video editing platform becomes Ubisoft’s new partner and official sponsor of the Rainbow 6 Siege North America 2021.

The partnership will begin during Phase One of the Rainbow Six North American League, which kicks off on March 24.

According to the partnership, Fuze.tv and Ubisoft will collaborate with the aim of presenting a prize competition entitled:

“Clip of the week”

In this contest, fans can submit their clips to be featured on the league’s weekly live broadcast. Additionally, the first three featured clips of each week will receive prizes, including in-game jerseys and accessories.

Adam Climan, Senior Esports Manager at Ubisoft, he commented on the announcement of the partnership:

“Fuze.tv instantly captures moments as gamers play their favourite games, and transforms raw highlights into gaming content worth watching and sharing.

“We are excited to collaborate with Fuze.tv to bring fans even closer together through capturing memorable moments Rainbow Six Siege and sharing those clips with the community.”

Jonathan Weinberg, Founder and CEO of Fuze.tv, commented with a press release:

“Fuze.tv is excited to partner with Ubisoft and enhance the way Rainbow Six gamers share meaningful moments of their gameplay. Our mission is to unlock any gamer’s inner muse and become creatively powerful with easy-to-use super tools. Rainbow 6 community is a perfect match.”

Fuze.tv is a gaming-dedicated video editor that was built on gaming software platform Overwolf. It allows players to capture, edit and share gaming content.

Uri Marchand, Overwolf CEO, finally commented:

“Overwolf is not only a framework; supporting creators’ success is at the centre of everything we do. We are thrilled to have championed this deal between Fuze.tv, an Overwolf creator, and Ubisoft.” 

The North American esports ecosystem for Rainbow Six Siege is operated by tournament organiser FACEIT

Future details about the partnership will be announced in the coming weeks.

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