Allied Esports – esports entertainment company – has announced a partnership with 3D motion capture product supplier Xsens.

With this official collaboration, Allied Esports will bring live animated casters to its three-day, €5,000 (£4,305) CS:GO Legend Series tournament.

The company’s casters will be transformed into animated characters through the use of Xsens’ MVN motion capture systems.

According to the release, the technology has been used in films and series such as Black Panther and The Mandalorian.

Jud Hannigan, CEO of Allied Esports, commented about this partnership:

“As gaming and esports viewership continues to grow, we need to push the boundaries of competitive content to provide new and engaging viewing experiences for our audiences and partners.

“We’re thrilled to make history again with the Legend Series and use Xsens’ innovative motion capture animation technology to create a first-of-its-kind broadcast experience in esports.”

The live motion avatars are expected to provide fans with a ‘fun and engaging’ viewing experience specific to the title. Moreover, the partnership also looks to create opportunities for brand and product integration.

Allied Esports’ CS:GO Legend Series tournament will be cast by Robert Jan Kortooms and Thiadrik Oldersma, with teams such as Apeks, Club Brugge, Nexus and NLG announced for the competition.

The event will take place from April 10th -12th and is set to be produced out of Allied Esports’ AE Studios in Hamburg, Germany. Moreover, the competition will include ‘wagering opportunities’ for bettors due to Allied Esports’ data and video rights partnership with GRID.

Rob Löring, Business Director at Xsens added:

“We are happy for this good partnership!”

“Allied Esports is taking live esports broadcasting to the next level by adding live animated casters to the tournaments,”

“This is very challenging, and in such a demanding technical environment, Xsens is the only solution to give a reliable performance.”

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