Abbreviated with the term FPS, they are games set in external and internal levels within which players simulate real war actions

The first-person shooter, abbreviated as FPS, is a sub-genre of shooter-type videogames, which adopt a direct subjective first-person view. Generally, the main purpose is to face levels set in external or internal with the game view that simulates the point of view of the main character (hence the expression in first person). Normally, in a videogame of this kind, in the lower part of the visual field it is possible to see one’s own weapon.

The first versions of shooter games were created in university and military fields of study. The genre did not reach the real popularity until the early 1990s, with Doom, and then evolved into a continuous crescendo that saw the development of other titles of the genre that have experienced different game modes, together with new graphic technologies, becoming in almost two decades, one of the most played genres of games and the highest impact in the collective imagination.

As the term implies, the first-person shooter offers the player a point of view that places him as the absolute protagonist, allowing him to observe the surrounding world and the various situations with the eyes of the player. However, since it is a video game, a first person shooter does not simply impose a subjective view, but also uses a “game interface”, called heads-up display or HUD (as in other videogames genres). purpose of providing information to the player, as well as usually showing below the weapon used. The structure of the HUD is a matter of art and level design, and may vary from game to game, however it generally tends to show the number of hit points, the ammunition counter for the weapon used, and a crosshair in the middle of the screen in in order to make clear to the player the point hit with the weapon.

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