ESL and Gfinity expand the agreements respectively with Make.TV and Blackbird


Content distribution company Make.TV, already with ESL since 2015, has expanded its agreement to include the Dota 2 One Mumbai end-of-month event. However, the economic terms were not disclosed.

Make.TV’s cloud-based technology solutions will allow ESL to distribute content globally on numerous platforms.

Make.TV has worked in the past with various media including DreamHack, Al Jazeera, MLBAM, Viacom, Fox Sports Brasil and NBC Universal.


Gfinity, on the other hand, has announced its agreement with Forbidden Technologies’ Blackbird platform for 12 months.

The new technology solution will allow Gfinity to record and distribute video content from events for a range of titles, including FIFA and Street Fighter. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but Gfinity was the first export customer for Forbidden Technologies’ Blackbird.

Other companies using Blackbird include networks MSG, IMG, BBC, Atlas Digital and Deltatre.

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