The MEDIAPRO Group, leader in Spain and one of the largest organizers of video game competitions worldwide through LVP, exports its eSports model to Portugal.

The Group will be in charge of the production of:

eLiga Portugal, the official FIFA 21 competition organized by Liga Portugal.

The event is under the supervision of Electronic Arts (EA).

eLiga Portugal has the participation of 17 of the 18 teams that are part of the Liga NOS.

It is the first Portuguese soccer division, including such renowned teams as FC Porto and Sporting SC.

MEDIAPRO will operate the competition through Medialuso, a Group company specialized in production and who will be in charge of the audiovisual production of all the programs;

and LVP, which will be in charge of sports management bringing its ten years of experience in organizing video game competitions to the project. 

In this sense, MEDIAPRO Portugal has created a spectacular virtual set in which all the programs of eLiga Portugal will take place and which represents an important leap in quality compared to previous editions.

The competition can also be followed on television via the Sport TV + network, where a program will be broadcast with the highlights of each day.

The day will be broadcast in its entirety on the Twitch platform and on the Sport TV streaming platform. Both versions will be presented by content creator Marina “Pamufa” Sousa and with commentary by international commentators Alexandre “Archaron“ Maia and Bruno “SyFOE“ Branco.

eLiga Portugal,

now entering its third edition, will take place between the months of November and April 2021 and will put the best FIFA 21 players in Portugal to the test.

The competition will consist of two seasons (winter / spring) and a Grand Final.

The prize pool of €50,000 will be at stake and access to the tiebreaker round of the European phase of the FIFA Global Series.

“We have been organizing eSports competitions around the world for more than 10 years.

For us it’s an honor to be able to export our successful model to Portugal”,

highlights Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP.

“Mediapro Portugal and LVP have gone all out on the project of the eLiga Portugal, and we are sure that it will become a benchmark competition among clubs and fans alike.” he adds.

“For Liga Portugal it is a great satisfaction!

But above all a great pride, to organize this tournament that we believe will be the greatest national benchmark in terms of virtual soccer.

The commitment of the Liga and our clubs in the eSports business is accompanying global growth the sector has experienced.

Understanding the inherent importance of the presence in this territory as a communication portal with a young target and for who

in many cases, eSports represents their main point of contact with our sport.

We are very happy with this partnership with Mediapro and we are sure that it will be a great success and will result in a differentiating product in the market.

We also highlight the agreement already reached with SportTV, to whom we would also like to acknowledge their commitment to this project”,

says Tiago Madureira, Executive Director of Liga Portugal.

LVP, world leader in the Spanish speaking world

MEDIAPRO is a leader in the eSports sector through LVP, one of the largest operators of video game competitions in the world and the largest organization of Spanish speaking eSports.

LVP has offices in:

  • Barcelona, ​​
  • Madrid,
  • Buenos Aires,
  • Bogotá
  • Mexico,

from where it operates the main national competitions in Spain and Latin America, including:

the Superliga Orange and the Master Flow League, both from League of Legends.

LVP also distributes world events in Spanish such as:

  • the League of Legends European Championship©
  • eLaLiga Santander,
  • the top FIFA competition in Spain that it has been operating for LaLiga and Electronic Arts for four years.

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