Global electronics maker Samsung is currently partnering with Twitch at its ongoing event: Twitch Rivals North America.

As part of the deal, Samsung’s Galaxy device will be the event’s exclusive mobile partner.

According to an official press release, Samsung and Twitch will “reinvent the future of mobile games” and will work together to improve performance and events in the field of video games.

Details about the works that will be fielded by the two companies for the next events have not been announced; further details on the agreements will be made official throughout this 2021.

The partnership will last for one year and will include exclusive challenges and events for mobile games.

Samsung will use its Galaxy 5G-enabled devices for events such as “Mobile Mondays powered by Samsung” – a year-long series of tournaments – and “Mobile Gaming Heroes”, which will begin later this year.

Upcoming Twitch Rivals events include the Twitch Rivals Mobile Challenge, powered by Samsung Galaxy 5G devices; Call of Duty:

Warzone Season 7 Showdown (starting today); and Streamer Bowl II Playoffs (Fortnite), among others.

Twitch Rivals kicked off yesterday with its League of Legends competition. The tournament features famous streamers like Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp who have created their own teams for the event.

Samsung is no stranger to export collaborations, in fact, in May of last year, the company partnered with the eSport T1 organization to be the official partner of the team.

It also has a history of sponsoring some of the biggest League of Legends teams in the world, including Samsung Blue and Samsung White in South Korea.

In September last year, Twitch Rivals was sponsored by Capital One, Mountain Dew Game Fuel, Verizon, and others.

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